Trombone Facts

6 Things You Never Knew About Trombone

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Uniquely among brass instruments, trombones have a slide, used to alter the pitch as it is extended and shortened. Though originally created in the mid-15th century, trombones have continued to evolve through the years.

Yet percussionists are required to know how to play a vast array of instruments, as well as the techniques that are associated with them.

Here are six things even experienced trombone players may not know about their instrument:

Jazz trombones and symphony trombones are quite different. There are two very different ends of the spectrum when considering the types of trombones in common use today: jazz trombones on one end and symphony trombones (for playing in an orchestra) on the other. Some of the parts on these two kinds of instruments vary. Especially noticeable is the size of the bell.

A jazz trombone has a smaller bell, thinner walls, and a smaller bore size. The gap in the slide is also narrower. Jazz models are designed this way to make the instrument smaller and increase slide mobility. This allows the player to move quickly from note to note.

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